In recent years, the global port industry are developing the practical work on continuous exploration and analysis of the experience and idea involving the construction field of “Smart Port”. Many important hub ports such as Port of Rotterdam, Hamburg Port and PSA, they are all starting the exploration to this field. The idea of “Smart Port” focus on building up
more comprehensive, friendly, systematical, intensive port transportation business through investment of environment construction, utilization of land resources, construction of CSCL System, port services, integration of port and city, innovative driving. Through the integration of technology application such as Integrated, coordinated, digital and intelligent, to achieve the development of IT+ port, process reengineering, business collaboration and services
innovation. Through building up innovative system, creating cross-border platform, global strategic layout, to promote integration of port humanistic environment, integration of port and city, perfect services, functional upgrading and port ecological chain.

Currently, Chinese port industry is facing challenges and stress. In one respect, the factors like climate change, life safety and traffic jam become an obstacle to port’s future development. On the other hand, with the development of new material, new energy and new technology, cross-border integration and synergy of port industry and modern services industry, big date, internet +, electrical contractor logistics, new development of port and city, strategy of One Belt One Road, integration of regional port development, construction of integrated intermodal transport system, all these factors bring new challenges for the port development in the new era. Improving ability and level of port logistics and supply chain integration service through building “Smart Port” has become the importance of promoting transformation and upgrading of Chinese ports, achieving the quality, efficiency and sustainable development.

The main subject of 2017 PDF is Port Integration and Intelligentization. About 25 leading experts will have discussion on this issue, meanwhile over 40 ports and terminal operators will be invited to attend. We sincerely invite you to attend and believe your experience and suggestion would make forum more interesting and wonderful.



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